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Martlets Cattery Open Day May 2001 with David Dimbleby
Owner Profile
Martlets Cattery was officially
opened by David Dimbleby in
May 2001

For the past few years Martlets has been tinged green around the edges!  We are trying to reduce our impact on the environment, without compromising the
comfort and safety of the cats. We used to have two Council bins which were filled to the brim with fourteen black sacks each week!!!!  With thought and
aggressive recycling we have managed to send one black bin back - most weeks we manage with two black bags from the house and one from the cattery.  
We do break the rules when we are having a turn out.

We re cycle: tins, paper, newspapers, magazines, carrier bags, cat food foils, cardboard, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles, old clothes and shoes.  
Unfortunately we don't have a re-cycling collection scheme, so have to take most items into Hailsham, but plastics and cardboard have to be taken to
Eastbourne.  We are careful to do this when we would be going anyway or it is self defeating!

We have always used sweetcorn grit cat litter, which is grown each year and is naturally biodegradable rather than being dug from the earth.   We are not
allowed to compost our litter down the Council require us to allow them to collect it disappointingly it is landfilled.

There are limitations however; we can't recycle the newer foil lined pouches because they are welded to the plastic on the outside.  We choose to use
disposable kitchen paper to clean the PVCU surfaces in the cattery to avoid the possibility of cross infection between cats.

We use Trigene cleaner/disinfectant which is the industry standard and well known as the best in the business.  Fortunately it is biodegradable.  We also
use friendlier washing powder and conditioner to wash the vet bed in.

We are also trying in the house I could do with my grannie's advice on the use of white vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, lemon juice etc.  Trevor thinks that a
composing loo is going too far!!!!!!!!!!   He may well be right. We have also fiited 16 Solar Panels to our roof which supplies clean/green electricity to the cattery
Martlets cattery is owned and run by me - Lisa Underhill-Price.  I am a local girl, born and brought
up in Eastbourne.  My love of cats started in earnest at the age of four, when my father bought me
my first Siamese, a gorgeous seal point boy called Coffee.  This was an act of desperation as I had
started to kidnap any local puss that crossed my path, bring it back home and refuse to return it to
it's rightful owner!!!!  Despite moves to Liverpool to read law, Guildford to teach it and having three
sons (one of which is allergic to cats) I resolved to breed my beloved Siamese and set up a cattery.  
March 1996 saw my first litter of Siamese born and my small breeding hobby has given me much
pleasure ever since. We moved to Upper Dicker in June 1999 having selected Martlets, because of
the beautiful peaceful grounds it stood in.  It took much planning and negotiation to obtain
permission but after a great deal of stress and hard work we were lucky enough to persuade David
Dimbleby and his son Fred to officially open Martlets Cattery in May 2001.  It has been our aim as a
cattery to take care of our guests as if they were our own, and to give them anything they need to feel
comfortable and safe whether it be their own bed from home, special food, an extra feed at
lunchtime, a long cuddle or just peace and quiet.
Martlets Cattery Owner