Wealden District Council – Animal Boarding Establishments Covid – 19 Guidance

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic many of our procedures are of necessity, different.   The biggest change will be that clients are no longer able to settle their cats into their pens, which has always been our way of doing things, but both reception and the cattery are impossible to social distance and I have been obliged to think of other solutions.  I am legally obliged to carry out risk assessments to protect you, your cat, my staff and my household.  I therefore ask for your cooperation in complying with the new procedures. 

·        I am obliged to ask where you propose to go, in order for me to assess the risk of accommodating your cat e.g. at the time of writing trips to Spain involved travellers quarantining for 14 days on their return to the United Kingdom.  Also cities like Leicester, Aberdeen and Blackburn are subject to different lockdown procedures.  Should you be going to an area that carries more risk I would ask you to inform us and to comply with the law on your return.

·        At the time of booking and when clients drop off their cats it is required that the Covid status of the household is ascertained by the cattery.  This will allow us to care for your cat and safeguard family members and staff appropriately.

·        I am transferring to a paperless record system and much of the information contained on the forms will need to be communicated over the phone.  Vaccination certificates can be emailed to me or I am happy to phone your vet for confirmation.

·        Similarly payment should be by bank transfer to make the whole operation contactless.  The member of staff who sees your cat in will inform you of the amount of the invoice and this must be paid prior to the collection of your cat.

·        Appointments must be made both to drop off puss and to collect him/her –in this way there will never be more than one client at the cattery at any one time.  If possible one pet owner should drop off/collect the cat, if not any additional people should stay in the car.

·        When you arrive at cattery a new video bell has been installed on the front wall of the bungalow, please use this to alert us to your arrival.  We will wear gloves throughout the whole procedure and stay in excess of two metres from you at all times.

·        Wicker and fabric boxes are no longer acceptable in cattery as we need to disinfect the box as soon as your cat is safely installed in his/her pen.  Boxes should be plastic.

·        Any special food or medicine must be put in a plastic, labelled box.  Please do not remove the medicine from the box it was supplied in by the vets, so that instructions are always available.

·        Leave your cat/his/her box/special foods and medicines on the driveway and return to your car.

·        We will immediately collect puss and his/her belongings. 

·        Blankets and cat’s own toys are not allowed in cattery.  If you need to put something in the box for the purpose of comfort please use puppy pads or new paper products.  Your cat will be returned in a disinfected box with a new puppy pad.

·        Collection of cats follows the same procedure but in reverse.

·        We usually love contact with the cats but as there is now evidence that Covid – 19 may be passed to cats, infect them and live on their coats, we will handle them as little as possible for the first day of their stay.  We will administer medication but with gloves and masks in place.

·        Should a member of our household test positive for Covid – 19 no new cats will be admitted and the emergency contacts of cats already in cattery will be contacted to make suitable arrangements for them to collect your pet.  Please ensure that suitable arrangements are made in this (I hope) unlikely event.

I am sorry that the rules are so strict, but the consequences are so serious.  If you feel unable to comply with the above I am happy to take your cancellation free of financial penalty.