Martlets Cattery
Martlets Cattery
Plenty of Cuddles from a Real Cat Person
Martlets Cattery is run (very much like our own home) for the comfort of the cats. Their individual needs are always
catered for. It is therefore essential that I know our 'guests' preferences before they visit such as food likes and
dislikes, their type of life style and their little ways, i.e., does not like to be picked up, or will eat until sick. All our
pens are at one level for the ease of old and/or handicapped cats. Our specially designed low level, draught proof
cosy cat beds ensure that they do not need to climb to reach their bed. My clients know their own cats best. I
believe that a cat's stay will be more pleasant if it is tailored to their own requirements and is as much like their
own home as possible. Your cat get lots of cuddles from a real cat person.
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I Will Take Care of Your Cat as if it Were My Own
Owners should not expect their cats to be delighted at being left at a cattery for the duration of their holiday with
someone they do not yet know; but with time and patience, and high quality care, they soon learn to relax
because they are warm and comfortable. As well as food, water, a cosy bed, a clean litter tray, and an exercise
run, the cats are also able to play, to be groomed, cuddled, and talked to. Being an owner (servant) of Siamese
and Oriental cats I have a good line in feline linguistics, which has always proved to be very handy!

We offer our guests brand new PVCu-pens. This state-of-the-art accommodation is light and airy, easy to
disinfect, and is draught-free. Unlike wood, PVCu does not harbour germs, and is self-extinguishing in the
unlikely event of a fire. In addition the doors have a four-point locking system.  

Martlets Cattery is set within a beautiful rural two acre site. The guest accommodation overlooks the orchard and
a field beyond. Martlets Cattery has fifteen double pens and can accommodate thirty cats when full. Cats which
normally live together can share. Some pens have intercommunicating doors so that larger groups can be
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Martlets Cattery
Martlets Cattery
Martlets Cattery
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Martlets Cattery
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